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As a Senior UX/UI Designer, I designed two products for AMGEN (Blincyto & Find the Unseen 13%). Additionally, I redesigned and enhanced design systems to create engaging product experiences that adhere to accessibility and usability standards, aligning with industry best practices.


Background: Amgen leverages the best of biology and technology to combat the world’s toughest diseases, making people’s lives easier, fuller, and longer. We discover, develop, manufacture, and deliver innovative medicines to help millions of patients.

Goals: Develop a user-friendly design system that reflects Amgen's forward-thinking and innovative spirit. Ensure it is scalable to accommodate brand, product, component, and style guide updates and changes, allowing all teams within the company to use it effectively. Maintain consistency, enhance collaboration, and improve efficiency.

Create a design system that enables team members and stakeholders to easily access and contribute to libraries and assets. Develop a documentation and reference website where everyone can find certified, official resources, principles, accessibility guides, assets, and other foundational materials.
Overall, establish a more efficient and effective design process, resulting in better user experiences and a stronger brand identity for Amgen products.

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