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My role: Art Director/Designer

Charg Worx

Oxygen-free USB Cable


iPhone charging cables and other USB brands are easily damaged by accidents or everyday use. A Brooklyn-based company came up with a solution by designing an oxygen-free USB cable called Charge Worx. This cable functions exactly like the standard iPhone cable, with much better durability. The user can coil it countless times, all without damaging the cable or wearing it down.

Charge Worx reached out for help designing their packaging. They needed an innovative and efficient way of communicating with their potential customers.

I came up with ideas to make the product more attractive to consumers. By using the cable like a bracelet, necklace, or hair band, the product is much more relatable to the public and accurately showcases the functionality as well.

The final product is adaptable, hands-free, and fashionable. This new method of advertising the product resulted in a massive positive impact in sales.

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