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My role: Senior Art Director

Coca Cola

Solving a Social Problem — SHORTAGE OF WATER.

Water scarcity is an issue affecting 2.8 billion people around the world. The lack of clean water is an increasingly prevalent worldwide problem. Coca-Cola was using water from prime outlets, leaving villages with scarce resources.

The solution for this global issue: GOING GREEN. The big idea? A billboard that generates up to twenty-six gallons of water a day-- from nothing but air. Companies today are creating water-makers that use technology similar to a dehumidifier to convert air into drinking water. The Aqua Maker is complete with filters to eliminate pollutants in the air.

This widespread marketing campaign boosted Coca-Cola’s image and cemented their role in the fight against climate change. 

Phase One: Solving a social problem
Phase Two: BIG IDEA — We are transforming the entire world to go green.

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