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Digital Wireframe
Wireframe design for a musical app involves creating simplified, 2-dimensional representations of the app's layout and functionality, including where buttons, menus, and other elements will be located and how they will interact, in order to get an understanding of how the app will function before beginning visual design and development.
Low-Fidelity Prototype
Low-fidelity digital prototypes are rough, simplified versions of a design created for testing and iteration purposes before investing in detailed, high-fidelity prototypes.
User Interface Design
A well-designed user interface for a musical app should be intuitive and easy to navigate, allowing the user to quickly find and use the features they need to create and enjoy music.

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My role: UX/UI Designer


Hi-Fans it’s an app that connects fans and celebrities, unlike any other social media platform. Fans can download music, listen to unreleased songs, and they can shop celebrities’ signature promotional items. Most notably, fans can message directly with celebrities!

The app needed a user-friendly interface.

I designed an app interface that was user-friendly for both celebrities like Beyoncé and fans looking to connect. Now, fans can easily connect with their favorite celebrities and message them if they choose.

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