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The koi fish and their relationship with the water should exude elegance and vibrancy. Aim for an expressive artistic style, reminiscent of expressionism, blending realism with a playful touch.
Pond Elements:
The surrounding elements should mirror the style and artistic direction of the fish and pond. They ought to contribute a natural layer to the pond, enhancing its connection to the environment and making it feel grounded in its surroundings.
This section of the set should seamlessly connect to the pond's environment, offering a pleasantly surprising yet practical experience. It aims to create a welcoming and inviting atmosphere.
Design elements should avoid appearing flat or lacking depth. The visuals should steer clear of resembling children's shows or cartoons, favoring a style that moves beyond simple vector art.

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Expand Your Talent Pool Activation 

Activation Overview Graphics Wall
The future of work is fair and impartial. It involves letting go of outdated and unnecessary filters that exclude millions of qualified candidates.

Imagine expanding your digital "talent pool" at FutureWorks as you eliminate filters like education prerequisites, background checks, resume gaps, and more. As these filters vanish, the pool gradually fills up with fish. Teaching Assistants (TAs) can engage with these fish — and find pertinent information about actual job candidates. 

Data Points
– Approx. 1 in 3 adults have a criminal record.
– Half of the U.S. workforce doesn’t have a college degree.
– There are 1.07M people in the US who have been out of work for more than 27 weeks.

– All prompts to be located on floor (size 10x10)
– Prompts to be controlled by your hand
– Introduce other data sets/stats (examples above). Do these come to life as other characters to add to the koi pond? 

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