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In the healthcare industry, the registration and check-in process for hospitals and clinics has traditionally been time-consuming and tedious. Patients often face long wait times, paperwork, and inefficiencies leading to frustration and potential delays in receiving medical care. The increasing demand for healthcare services and the need for streamlined operations call for redesigning the registration and check-in process to enhance efficiency and patient satisfaction and medical outcomes. 

Several issues plague the current registration and check-in process at hospitals and clinics: We are looking to solve the difficulty with registering a patient's medical information and enhance the check-in process by shortening the time a patient must wait.

Develop a user-friendly online portal or application where patients can pre-register before their visit. This program allows them to enter their personal and insurance information at their convenience, reducing the need for manual data entry on site. It also provides them with information regarding the nearest clinics with the shortest wait times.  If the patient does not want to fill out their information on their own device, each hosptial or clinical will have self-service kiosks. These kiosks will be equipped with intuitive interfaces and connected to the central database for instant data retrieval.

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