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Award Winner
The Digiday Awards: Best Branding B2B Campaign
OMMA Awards: Best Business to Business Website

Sapient Razorfish conducted a research project for Samsung B2B, which explored the needs of SMB customers when purchasing IT and mobility solutions. 

We then mapped those needs onto the B2B Buyer Decision Journey (BDJ) to customize it specifically for SMBs. The insights and outputs of this research phase inform the recommendations of the SMB e-commerce experience.

Transform Samsung’s B2B website from a hardware-focused product information site into a solution-centered,
e-commerce-enabled destination.

Samsung has engaged SapientRazorfish to apply these learnings to design the user experience for SMB.
This includes the gated and ungated landing pages and a page template for promotions.  

Additionally, SapientRazorfish will make strategic recommendations to optimize the overall experience,
increase awareness, and drive conversion.

They Ask
Drive revenue and signups, enhance the SMB experience, and design for growth and flexibility. 

Key Performance Indicators
Exceed SMB expectations, clearly communicate the program and benefits, remove barriers and increase inflow. 

Solution:Our UX/UI solution can be broken up into the following categories:

Experience Strategy 
SMB ungated landing page 
— Page Intro
— Crown
— Crown Features
— Product Lineup
— SMB Account Benefits

Experience design 
— Ungated SMB Landing Page 
— Gated SMB landing Page
— Promotion Details Page 
— Designs: Touchpoint outside of SMB experience 

Samsung AppStack is the cloud software marketplace that helps you focus on business. Start with free trials, then save up to 35% when you bundle apps with a smartphone or tablet and spend less time on management.

With Samsung Business Account, customers get access to exclusive benefits that make buying technology easy so they can focus on running their business.

The site offers discounts on Samsung's wide range of mobile devices. AppStack is cloud software that helps customers create their custom software bundle to save. They can add Samsung mobile devices to save even more.

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