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My role: Art Director/Designer


Primary caregivers of boys with Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD)


Early and regular respiratory monitoring is important for allowing timely prevention and management of pulmonary complications. Young men with DMD need time to get comfortable taking the pulmonary function test, which is why it is important to begin regular tests as early as possible. However, most caregivers have left respiratory concerns in the back of their mind because the topic is unfamiliar to them.
Currently, resources on pulmonary function tests are non-specific to Duchenne, so caregivers have to wade through multiple information sources to understand how to monitor and tackle respiratory issues. Santhera provides the foundation of knowledge for these tests.

Our Task
Create a short, unbranded, animated video explaining the importance and process of taking a Pulmonary Function Test. The video would also explain key measurements and guide caregivers on respiratory management by providing additional resources. The video would live on the Take A Breath DMD website and social media pages.

Target Audience
We targeted primary caregivers of boys with Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD). These are typically the mothers of the young boys with DMD. Their sons were diagnosed with DMD at least 5 years ago. From the outset, they have been more than the guardians of their sons—they have been their advocates. They are known for pushing others (HCPs, teachers, etc) to take note of their son’s limitations and enlisting additional help in tackling the condition.

Video Concept
Handle/Bumper: FROM ME TO YOU
No matter how minor a situation, if we are diagnosed with a condition, ailment or disease, we seek to know more about what we’re experiencing. We can learn through the words, thoughts, and experiences of somebody who has lived through it. We as humans respond to shared experiences, such as when we’re watching an inspiring TedTalk.

Caregivers of people with Duchenne are going through the overwhelming experience having to learn everything about the disease from the start. This video focuses on a caregiver who has lived through it, providing a compassionate tone towards someone who’s experiencing the same emotions. This caregiver takes them through the process of understanding the significance of respiratory health in DMD and the process of measuring their loved one’s lung function through spirometry.

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