I design experiences drawing inspiration from Bauhaus Design Logic, emphasizing Aesthetic Simplicity, Practicality, and Accessibility.

Design Thinking Process

1.   Artifical IntelligenceUtilizing AI, I drive efficiencies, disrupt the established norms, and discover novel opportunities while mitigating risks. 

Focus areas encompass:
– Generative AI and LLM applications
Autonomous agents and conversational bots
– AI and data operations as well as governance
Machine learning and deep learning
Customer segmentation mapping
Real-time trend trajectory analysis

2.   Services DesignUtilize human-centered design and research to grasp your customers' needs, crafting distinctive and enjoyable services that maintain their engagement.

3.   Design SystemsI create adaptable and user-friendly responsive design systems that can be effortlessly integrated into any application.

4.   Digital Products PlatformI adopt a comprehensive method for products and platforms, involving swift prototyping, progressive development, and continuous testing to optimize the potential of your proprietary channels.

My expertise encompasses:
– Design for web and applications
– Development of data-driven products
– Building platform ecosystems
– Formulating platform strategies, providing advisory services, and executing implementations
– Crafting Information Architecture
– Conducting usability testing

5.   Brand StrategyI maintain uniform standards throughout your entire marketing ecosystem, expediting time to market, fostering customer loyalty, and boosting sales.

Services cover:
– Structuring brand architecture
– Overseeing brand governance and monitoring
– Implementing integrated brand marketing strategies
– Crafting impactful brand names
– Defining brand voice
– Establishing cohesive visual and verbal identities


Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness  -  FCB Chicago  -  VIACOM  - Y&R  - United Nations  - WebMD  -  Sapient Razorfish  - Web.com  - Sidlee  Agency  -  J. Walter Thompson  - HeartBeat Agency  - Designory  Agency  -  Rapp Agency  - Mind & Assembly  -  BGB Group  -  Taxi Agency  -  Liquid Agency  -   Traffic Agency  - Face2Face Agency  - Impossible Agency  -   Long Dash  -  Cambria  

Creative Project

B2B/B2C Product
Samsung SMB 
MTV (The Hill)
Pizza Hut (Middle East)
Krispy Kreme
Vimto Drink 
Coca Cola
Kraft Cheese Velvet
Philadelphia Cream Cheese
Abu Dubai Marina Mall
Darmystique Fashion
Argentovio Fashion
Barcirubati Fashion
Avon Fashion
TREsemmé Hair Beauty
Bossie Hair
ProFashion Hair
Security Score Card
Voozi App
Wastegate App
Hi-Fans App
Jet Aviation
Web.com: LBW - Yodle
Lighthouse 360 - Lighthouse Auto
Humira (Adalimumab) Pfizer-Injectable
Repatha (evolocumab)
Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) Santhera 
Vuity (Allergan) AbbVie 
Chronic Obstructive
Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Sunovion 
Breast Cancer Patients Journey Roche 
510 Unseen 13% (KRAS G12C) AMGEN
BLINCYTO (blinatumomab) AMGEN
Abilify MyCite (Otsuka America)  
ZEGALOGUE (dasiglucagon) Zealand Pharma 
ARIZE (HP) 3D Printing & Digital 
Vasculitis (AAV) GSK 
Asthma | CRSwNP | —
— EGPA (global case study challenge) GSK
Ulcerative Colitis Pfizer 
Dental Industry | —
— Lighthouse 360 Digital | At Dec | Candid 
Chronic Pain (Dr. Scholl’s) WebMD
Digital Therapeutics Experience Design 
Breast Cancer Awareness Global Project
Schizophrenia Treatment (Pfizer)
SABLE App (Domestic Wire Transfers)
Stock Exchange
Stock Loan
ISRA Application
Billing Product 

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