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My role: UX/UI Designer

Waste Gate

Transform Your Waste into Cash


New Yorkers move homes almost every year for various reasons, such as job issues, roommates, or needing a cheaper place. When they move to a new place, many people leave furniture and accessories behind and buy decor based on their new living space. They tend to throw their old or unwanted belongings in the street and create issues for sanitation workers.

The founder of Waste Gate came up with an idea to solve this issue: a sales app to connect sellers with buyers. Waste Gate offers an innovative solution for this problem: if a user posts an item for sale and doesn’t get any responses within 48 hours, Waste Gate will purchase the item for a negotiated price. Similar apps tend to not be user-friendly, so having a great user experience was imperative in becoming a major player in this market.

The Waste Gate team hired me as a UX/UI Designer to design their concept and transform it into a user-friendly reality. I built user scenarios and wireframes from information structures, creating a prototype and User Interface design.

Waste Gate is a free person-to-person, mobile classified app, launched in 2016. This free app makes it easy to sell what you no longer need, or find great deals nearby on for what you need. Posting an item for sale is as easy as taking a photo. This app initially targeted New York, competing against eBay and Craigslist. Waste Gate users buy and sell everything from electronics, cars, collectibles, clothing, furniture, and other home and office accessories.

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