Healthcare Projects

My role as a dedicated UX researcher focused on significantly improving the overall efficiency and greatly enhancing patient satisfaction throughout the entire registration and check-in process for hospitals and clinics.
As a UX Interaction Designer, I created an interactive touchscreen for the Asthma Clinical Study and Medical Affairs Congress, featuring study details, indications, references, URLs, and visual indicators of GSK sponsorship and comorbidity.
As Lead UX Designer for Abilify Mycite, I thoroughly audited and enhanced design, solving accessibility and usability issues to align with ADA, follow FDA guidelines, and meet rigorous digital health industry standards.
As UX Interaction Designer for GSK's Vasculitis project, I created an interactive touchscreen with patient overview, work-up slides, a classification tool guide, calculator, patient score entry, decision tree notifications, and guideline infographic.
As UX/UI Designer for Sunovion's lung cancer project, I developed a user-friendly platform for healthcare professionals and patients, featuring Disease Education, Treatment Options, Treatment Questionnaire, and Patient Home.
As UX/UI Designer for WebMD's chronic pain project, I designed a newsletter inspired by Dr. Scholl’s® to educate people about insoles, emphasizing proper foot support's impact on alignment and movement.
As UX/UI Designer for Humira's modern packaging project, I redesigned the packaging to reduce customer anxiety and prevent misuse, ensuring clear dosage information and addressing concerns from prior clinical packaging feedback.
As Art Director/Designer, I created an animated video and moodboard for Santhera, educating DMD caregivers on Pulmonary Function Tests, featured on the Take A Breath DMD website and social media.
As Senior Art Director/Designer, I created the 360 campaign concept for Repatha, designing the PATHNOR launch to raise awareness and educate people.

Financial Projects

As the sole UX/UI Designer for Sable, a financial B2C project, I meticulously designed the comprehensive user experience and intuitive interface for the seamless domestic wire transfer feature.
As Art Director/Designer, I developed a comprehensive big idea for the SAP Concur app, specifically targeting small and medium-sized businesses (100-999 employees) to significantly boost their growth objectives.
As UX Analyst/Product Designer, I completely redesigned the data-intensive B2B/B2C Financial Symbol application from scratch, applying the Double Diamond methodology to thoroughly address and understand complex daily financial problems and user needs.

Product Design B2B/B2C 

As a UX Strategist & Product Designer at Cambria, a kitchen countertop design company, I designed user experiences using AEM Enterprise Application tailored for both B2B and B2C markets.
As UX Strategist & Lead Designer for Samsung's SMB Project, I transformed their B2B/B2C e-commerce site to drive revenue, signups, and enhance the SMB experience, winning Digiday and OMMA Awards.
As UX/UI Designer for TORCHx Real Estate, I enhanced a cloud-based B2B CRM platform to help real estate professionals generate new business online. I improved interfaces, ensured ADA compliance, and created a seamless user experience.

As UX Strategist/Product Designer for Trip-in Local, I created Tripinlocal, a responsive B2C luxury app connecting travelers with locals, enhancing their travel experiences.
As UX/UI Designer for Hi-Fans, I created an app that uniquely connects fans and celebrities, allowing music downloads, unreleased song access, shopping for signature items, and direct messaging with celebrities.
As Researcher/Senior Art Director for Coca-Cola, I addressed water scarcity affecting 2.8 billion people. Phase One focused on solving the shortage, while Phase Two promoted a global green transformation to conserve water.
As UX/UI Designer for Charg Worx, I created packaging for their durable oxygen-free USB cable, designed to prevent damage from everyday use, unlike standard iPhone cables, ensuring long-lasting performance.
As a UX Interaction Designer for Indeed's Future Works project, I created the "Expand Your Talent Pool" activation, featuring an overview graphics wall, to promote a fair and impartial future of work by removing outdated candidate filters.

As UX/UI Designer for Voozi, I transformed the founder's idea into a user experience by creating user scenarios, wireframes, and a prototype design based on briefs and research.
As UX/UI Designer for Small Business Saturday at, I developed an SEO solution to attract customers, quickly advancing from research to wireframing and user testing.

As UX/UI Designer at, I helped create professional websites for over 92,000 businesses, increasing calls and emails. Our research led to effective online marketing solutions, quickly turned into wireframes.

As UX/UI Designer at, I led email campaigns, special offers, and paid search advertising for SMBs. We optimized search visibility, managed Google pages, and provided monthly visibility reports.
As UX/UI Designer for Waste Gate, I created a app design to turn discarded furniture into cash, helping NYC movers sell unwanted items and reduce street clutter.

Cambria As a Product Designer, I created a robust design system from scratch to ensure consistent and cohesive design across Cambria's entire product range.

My role as a UX/UI Designer, I enhanced the design system by incorporating accessibility and usability features to meet industry standards.

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